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Booking Tracker™ provides you with comprehensive and powerful real-time Booking Calendar viewing statistics.

All statistics are maintained on a calendar by calendar basis and broken down by referral URL. Where there are multiple pages in a domain that link to a calendar, the domain line displays the totals, in bold, for the pages within that domain.

Where the referrer is not supplied, or cannot be identified, such as for search engine webbots etc, the access is logged as 'Unspecified'.

All statistics can be sorted by any column heading, and clicking on the Referrer URL displays the referrer page in a new browser window.

The Booking Calendar 'Link Wizard' generates additional HTML/Java to improve accurate Booking Calendar view statistics gathering. So to maintain accurate statistics gathering, you should refrain from modifying the generated Link HTML.

Booking Calendar View Statistics can be displayed in the following three ways;

2. 'Last 7 Days' View

The 'Last 7 Days' view displays the total calendar views for each of the last 7 days, including the current day, along with a cumulative total of the last 7 days.

  Referrer URL Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Totals %   
Unspecified 65 59 187 142 68 167 14 702 92.4% 1 37     3 5 12 58 7.6%
   /Visitor/Features.aspx 1 2       1 1 5 0.7%
   /Visitor/Language.aspx   33         11 44 5.8%
   /Visitor/LinkWizard.aspx   2     3 4   9 1.2%
Totals: 66 96 187 142 71 172 26 760

What Booking Calendar accesses are not recorded?

1. Any access from the Booking Tracker™ site.
2. Any access made by an authenticated user i.e. while you are logged in to Booking Tracker™
3. All statistics gathered during the trial period are cleared at the end of the trial.

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