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The Booking Calendar 'Link Wizard' is a powerful tool, unique to Booking Tracker™, whos job is to generate the 'Link HTML' you place on your website/webpages to display your Booking Calendar.

There are various methods that can be used to link from your web pages to your Booking Calendar, and many users employ a combination of them. The 'Link Wizard' makes it simple for you to link to your Booking Calendar without having to know HTML. It simply guides you through various questions to generate the required 'Link HTML'. All you need to know, is how to 'Cut and Paste'!

Also unique to the Booking Tracker™ generated 'Link HTML' is the addition of HTML/Java specifically designed for search engines and the gathering of viewing Statistics.

The Booking Calendar 'Link Wizard' generates several variations of the following primary options;

1. A HYPERLINK, e.g. Booking Calendar
2. A BUTTON, e.g.
3. EMBEDDED within your pages, e.g.
Tip: Try clicking the hyperlink or button to see how the Booking Calendar is displayed.

To experience the Booking Calendar 'Link Wizard' in action, login to our Demo User account by clicking on the following link; Run the Demo User Booking Calendar 'Link Wizard'.

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